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August 2004, revised January 2014

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While it's always a pleasure to receive e-mails from visitors to this website, unfortunately I can't always answer the questions, or provide the services requested. This website is purely a hobby – a means of sharing information gathered over more than 40 years and resources are limited.

To contact the Bureau of Heraldry, or search their database of registered arms, you'll need to go to the National Archives website.

I can't help you with :

  • registering arms at the Bureau of Heraldry or anywhere else ;
  • obtaining a grant from the College of Arms, the Lord Lyon, or anyone else ;
  • identifying coats of arms ;
  • advising if a coat of arms is authentic ;
  • supplying 'family' coats of arms (which is illegal in South Africa unless the Bureau has authenticated the arms) ;
  • supplying specimens of military shoulder flashes etc.

This website has been created for interest and entertainment. It is unofficial and not connected with, or endorsed by, any authority or organisation. It is the product of the webmaster's research, and the content is his copyright. So are the illustrations on this page, unless stated otherwise. Additional information, and correction of errors, will be welcome.
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