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June 2008 / August 2012


THIS is a brief exploration of coats of arms borne by, or attributed to, Hallidays and Hollidays in England, Scotland, Ireland, and the United States of America. To judge from the internet, there's a fair amount of interest in the family history and heraldry.

Being of (English) Halliday descent myself, and having been interested in heraldry for more than forty years, I've accumulated a lot of material on the family, and the arms. It comes from a variety of sources, most of them unofficial. Some of the arms that are listed in reference books appear to be incorrect, but I've included them for the record.

This material is by no means complete. I have added quite a lot to the original content, but there is no doubt much more still to be found. Any additions or corrections will be welcome.

Arthur Radburn

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