Sources and references
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Sources and references

MOST of the books and journals on this list are available online through eBooksRead and/or Internet Archive and/or Google Books.

Of the publications, only Bluemantle Pursuivant's Report (BPR) and the information in the National Library of Ireland catalogue (NLI) can be considered as official sources. Stodart's Scottish Arms, Balfour Paul's Ordinary of Scottish Arms, and Gayre's Roll of Scottish Arms were compiled from the official Lyon Register and are therefore based on an official source. It's possible that the Insignia Anglica (IA) was compiled by a royal herald.

All the other books, journals and articles are unofficial, and their accuracy and reliability vary considerably. Indeed, Sir Anthony Wagner, Garter King of Arms, wrote in 1961 that Edmondson's Complete Body of Heraldry, Berry's Encyclopaedia Heraldica, Robson's British Herald, and Burke's General Armory were "misleading, confusing and infuriating, but nevertheless indispensable". All the same, they are out there on bookshelves and on websites, and their entries on Halliday/Holliday arms cannot be ignored.

  • AACG : Anon, 'An Account of the Church of Gunby St Peter' in The Church Builder No 37 (Jan 1871) - Halliday arms on Sir Thomas Massingberd's tomb
  • ACN : Anon, 'Church Notes' in Archaeological Journal Vol 44 (1887) - Holliday arms at the Corsham church
  • ADS : Anon, 'A Description of the Standards Borne in the Field by Peers and Knights in the Reign of King Henry the Eighth' in Samuel Bentley (Ed), Excerpta Historica (1831) (p 315) - Sir Thomas Massingberd's standard
  • AH : Anthony Halliday (e-mail communications 2013)
  • ANSF : Zella Armstrong, Notable Southern Families Vol 2 (1922)
  • ASL : C.R. Ashbee (Ed), Survey of London Vol 1 (1900) - Holliday arms on Jacob monument
  • AVM : Anon (Ed), Visitation of Middlesex Begun in the Year 1663 (1820)
  • BAA : Charles Bolton, An American Armory (1927)
  • BC : John Burke, A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales Vol 2 (1836)
  • BCSB : Sir Harold Brakspear, The Church of St Bartholomew at Corsham in Wiltshire (1924) - Holliday arms
  • BEH : William Berry, Encyclopaedia Heraldica (1828)
  • BGA : Sir Bernard Burke, The General Armory (1847 and 1884 editions)
  • BLG : John Burke & Sir Bernard Burke, A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Great Britain and Ireland Vol 1 (1847, 1852, 1875, and 1969 editions)
  • BPHS : Sir James Balfour Paul, Heraldry in relation to Scottish History and Art (1900)
  • BPO : Sir James Balfour Paul, An Ordinary of Scottish Arms (1893) - based on the official Lyon Register
  • BPR : Bluemantle Pursuivant (Peter Gwynn-Jones) report on Halliday arms dated 1 July 1975, printed in Alvis M. Holladay, The Holladay Family (1983)
  • CA : Corsham Almshouses website (visited July 2012) - photo of Holliday arms above entrance
  • CBIMM : MacDowel Cosgrove, 'Book Plates of Irish Medical Men' in Dublin Journal of Medical Science (December 1918)
  • COL : City of London website (visited July 2012) - 18th-century picture of the Holliday monument in St Lawrence Jewry church
  • CGA : William Crozier, General Armory (1904)
  • CWML : Cushney/Whitney Medical Library Digitized Collections : Bookplates (visited June 2016) - photos of Dr Daniel Halliday's bookplates
  • EB : 'Heraldry' article in Encyclopaedia Britannica (1880) - 'Halliday of Hungerford' motto
  • ECBH : Joseph Edmondson, A Complete Body of Heraldry (1780)
  • ECPG : Rev J.T. Evans, The Church Plate of Gloucestershire (1906)
  • ESSK : Gustaf Elgenstierna, Svenska Slãktkalendern 1913 (1913)
  • FHC : Farleigh Hungerford Castle website (visited July 2012) - Holliday crest on Margaret's tomb
  • FSF : Joseph Foster, Some Feudal Coats of Arms (1902)
  • GRSA : Robert Gayre of Gayre & Nigg, Roll of Scottish Arms Vol 2 (1969) - based on the official Lyon Register
  • HBHG : William D. Holliday, A Brief History and Genealogy of the Holliday Family (1993/2004)
  • HBSB : Lord Howard de Walden, Banners, Standards and Badges from a Tudor Manuscript in the College of Arms (1904) - Sir Thomas Massingberd's standard
  • HFB : E.R.J.G. Howe (Ed), Franks Bequest : Catalogue of British and American Book Plates Vol 2 (1904)
  • HHF : Alvis M. Holladay, The Holladay Family (1983)
  • HHS : E. Alberton Harrison, The Armorial and Genealogical Roll of the High Sheriffs for the Counties in England and Wales 1882-3 (1883)
  • HS : Halliday of Scotland blog - copy of Moffat News article (visited July 2012)
  • HSKD : Charles Haliday, The Scandinavian Kingdom of Dublin (1881) - biographical details of Drs William and Daniel Haliday
  • IA : Insignia Anglica armorial (c1551) (p 40)
  • JGFH : Rev J.E. Jackson, A Guide to Farleigh Hungerford, Co Somerset (1879) - Holliday arms in the castle
  • JH : John Halliday (e-mail communications 2009, including blazon of Sir Andrew's arms and photo of the arms at Atherstone House)
  • JWC : Rev A.T. Jewer, Wells Cathedral (1892) - Thomas Halliday's arms
  • LEL : Daniel Lysons, The Environs of London Vol 2 (1795) - Holliday arms on Jacob monument
  • LEM : Lord Lyon King of Arms (Robin Blair), Extract of Matriculation of arms of William David Holliday (2006)
  • LG : London Gazette 23857 (14.05.1872) - Royal Licence for William Cosway to change his surname to Halliday
  • LIW : W.H. Loftie, Inigo and Wren (1893) - Holliday monument in St Lawrence Jewry church
  • LKA 1592 : Lyon King of Arms Act 1592
  • LKA 1672 : Lyon King of Arms Act 1672
  • LUDOS : Leeds University Digital Objects University Library (visited August 2012) - photo of Sir Andrew Halliday's grave
  • MGDH : George Mackenzie, Guillim's Display of Heraldry (1724)
  • MMS : Rev W.O. Massingberd, 'The Massingberds of Sutterton, Gunby and Ormsby' in The Ancestor No 7 (October 1903)
  • MSG : Sylvanus Morgan, The Sphere of Gentry (1661), quoted in Sir Egerton Brydges (Ed), Censura Literaria Vols 7-8 (1808)
  • MVE : W. Metcalfe (Ed), Visitations of Essex Vol 1 (1878)
  • NHBA : Sir Harris Nicolas, History of the Battle of Agincourt (1827) - Walter Haliday listed among the king's minstrels
  • NLI : National Library of Ireland website (visited June 2012)
  • NLP : Norroy King of Arms (John Burroughs), Letters Patent granting arms and crest to William Holliday (1624) - printed copy in my possession
  • NSH : Alexander Nisbet, A System of Heraldry Vol 1 (1816)
  • OWIB : Vere Langland Oliver, West Indian Bookplates (1914) - Halliday bookplates in Antigua
  • PECF : E. Peacock (Ed). English Church Furniture, Ornaments and Decorations at the Period of the Reformation (1866) - Halliday arms on Christopher Massingberd's tomb
  • PHUF : James Pope-Hennessy & Cecil Beaton, History under Fire (1941) - photos of the damaged Holliday monument in St Lawrence Jewry church
  • RB : Rooke Books website (visited July 2012) - photo of Francis Augustus Holliday bookplate
  • RBC : Rare Books website (visited July 2012) - photo of James Holliday bookplate
  • RBH : Thomas Robson, The British Herald (1830)
  • RCAHMS : Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland website (visited August 2012) - photo of arms at Tulliebole Castle
  • RGA : H. Rylands (Ed), Grantees of Arms (1916-17)
  • RHGM : Helen W. Ridgley, Historic Graves of Maryland amd the District of Columbia (1908) - James Holliday's grave
  • RSM : Prof Richard Rastall, Secular Musicians in Late Medieval England (doctoral thesis, 1968) - many references to Walter 'the Minstrel' Halliday
  • SCHNW : Arthur Schomberg, 'The Church Heraldry of North Wiltshire' in Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine (1889) - Holliday arms at the Corsham church
  • SSA : Robert Stodart, Scottish Arms (1881)
  • TVCO : William Henry Turner (Ed), Visitations of the County of Oxford (1871)
  • UBAB : University of Toronto Libraries (British Armorial Bindings) website (visited July 2012) - Sir Leonard Holliday's arms
  • WHHB : Anthony Wagner, Historic Heraldry of Britain (1939)
  • WROG : Thomas Woodcock & John Robinson, Oxford Guide to Heraldry (1988)
  • WPLH : Wikipedia, Portrait of Sir Leonard Halliday (visited July 2012)
  • WPMH : Wikipedia, Portrait of Margaret Hungerford (visited July 2012)
  • WVCS : F.W. Weaver, Visitations of the County of Somerset in the Years 1531 and 1573 (1885)

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