Other decorations and medals
June 2009 / May 2017

Private institutions

SEVERAL private institutions award medals to their members and supporters. In terms of the official Table of Precedence, they rank after national and provincial awards and may not be worn together with official awards.

These private institutions include the :

  • SA Emergency Services Institute (formerly the SA Fire Services Institute), which has medals for meritorious service and for long service;
  • SA Life-Saving Society, which has medals for valour, distinguished service and loyal service;
  • SA Noodhulpliga, which has medals for bravery, distinguished service, and long service;
  • SA Red Cross Society, which has medals for exceptional and conspicuous service, proficiency, and efficient/long service;
  • SA Scouting Association (formerly Boy Scouts of SA), which has medals for gallantry, meritorious service, and long service;
  • Voortrekkers, which has medals (formerly called 'orders') for exceptional service at national, regional and local levels.

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